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Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
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Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
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If constant oral pain is disrupting your sleep or daily activities, you may be experiencing a dental emergency. When this type of pain occurs, most people find themselves wondering, “Is it time to visit an emergency dental office near me?” Receiving the proper treatment from our experienced emergency dentists in Lake Katrine can help you eliminate pain and preserve the health of your teeth and gums.

Where Can I Receive Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

Relief from persistent oral pain is just a phone call away. At our modern dental practice, our emergency dentists in Lake Katrine provide effective urgent care during regular business hours. You’ll receive a thorough examination, a diagnosis of the dental health issue, and relief from any discomfort. Don’t let oral pain lead to further complications – call our emergency dental office today to receive care.

All You Need to Know About Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dental care usually includes any urgent treatment or procedure that quickly resolves a painful oral health problem. These urgent issues can sometimes lead to more damage if left untreated. Our emergency dentists provide a host of services, including tooth extractions, replacement fillings, and wisdom tooth pain management. Here are some of the urgent dental services you’ll find at our office:

  • Management of pain caused by metal braces’ wires or brackets
  • Relief from wisdom tooth swelling and pain
  • Emergency tooth extraction or repair
  • Treatment for dental abscesses or other infections
  • Replacements for missing dental restorations

When Is It Necessary to Get Emergency Dental Care?

What types of conditions are regarded as dental emergencies? How do I know when I should visit an emergency dental office near me?

When experiencing oral discomfort, receiving treatment quickly is key to a great recovery. Contact us to make an appointment if you’re suffering from any of the following situations:

Structurally Damaged Teeth

Teeth that have been fractured, broken, or chipped should be evaluated by a dentist as quickly as possible. If your damaged tooth has sharp edges, use dental wax to shield it from other areas of your mouth.

Bumped-Out Teeth

A tooth that has been bumped or knocked out requires immediate care. Find as many pieces of the tooth as you can, and carefully clean them with warm water. If possible, attempt to put the tooth back into its socket. Call our office if you need more information.

Toothache Pain

Never ignore a severe toothache – oral pain is a symptom of many dental conditions. Call our office if you’re suffering from oral pain, especially if you’re also running a fever.

Sensitive Teeth

Mild tooth sensitivity is common and doesn’t usually warrant emergency dental care. If a tooth becomes hypersensitive, it may be fractured or infected and should be examined.

Dental Decay (Cavities)

Large cavities leave the tooth root exposed, causing a painful toothache. If you believe your oral distress is due to cavities, see our emergency dentists for treatment and pain relief.

Dental Abscesses

Severe toothaches, foul breath, swelling around the neck, and draining sores on the gums are all symptoms of an abscessed tooth. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, call us for treatment. Dental abscesses can cause severe complications if left unattended.

Misplaced or Dislodged Tooth Fillings

It’s not uncommon for tooth fillings to become missing or partially dislodged. Loose or lost tooth fillings leave the affected area exposed, so see our emergency dentists for a replacement if this occurs.

Missing or Damaged Dental Restorations

Missing or damaged dental restorations can create cosmetic flaws in your smile. In addition to the aesthetic problems, lost restorations or broken crowns can leave the area susceptible to damage. Contact us for a temporary or permanent solution.

Pain Caused by Metal Braces

Unstable metal wires or brackets can sometimes cause orthodontic pain or injuries. If this occurs, our dentists can help by stabilizing your braces. This allows you to wear your device without pain.

Damaged Tooth Enamel

Persistent tooth grinding can cause serious harm to your tooth enamel, causing pain. When the discomfort becomes severe, call our emergency dentists for a night guard or other protection against grinding.

Sinus Pain and Pressure

Incessant sinus pressure can sometimes have a dental cause, such as an obstructed wisdom tooth. Call our office if you experience persistent sinus pressure that is joined by a toothache.

What To Do During Extreme Dental Emergencies

My dental emergency seems to be very severe. Do I need to look for emergency dental care near me or dial 911?

At our emergency dental office, your dental health is our top priority. Instead of booking an appointment with our emergency dentists in Lake Katrine during regular operating hours, we recommend that you call 911 or your primary care doctor if you experience any of these conditions:

  • A severely swollen face or gum line
  • Persistent blood loss
  • Trauma toward the face, jaw, teeth, or head

What Will Be the Cost of My Emergency Dental Care?

Each dental situation is different, so the cost of urgent dental care varies from patient to patient. At your appointment, one of our emergency dentists will explain your individual treatment plan and the associated costs. The charges will include all emergency dental services necessary to solve your oral health problem. Our office accepts numerous forms of payment, including major credit cards, most insurance plans, and offer convenient payment options.

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I don’t think anyone wakes up and thinks , I can’t wait to go to the dentist , I know I don’t. But when you enter the Dentists Office of Hudson Valley and are greeted so cordially […]
Joe P.
Had some work done there recently, and the staff went above and beyond! Highly recommended if you need a friendly and comfortable environment. Dr. Hinkle, Kristen, and Shana are the best!
Kyle S.
My three kids saw Dr. Brian today and they had a wonderful experience. He worked patiently with all of them, especially my two year old. The hygienists and office staff were also very friendly and […]
Rebecca L.
First appt there and it was a great visit.
Dr. Freidman was wonderful. He did what had to be done. He actually called me to see how I was doing. Very devoted. I would recommend him 1000%.
Jeanmarie S.
The staff at this office are the best. They are always ready to make me feel comfortable especially with my fear of going to the dentist in the past. I can truly say that my fear has been cured. Also […]
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Wonderful place! Dr Yoo is absolutely amazing at what he does, and every single assistant has made me feel so comfortable! I love this place!! 10 stars!!!!!
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They are very kind & professional! Will continue to use them!
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Heather L.
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