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When a dental emergency arises, you might feel a lot of pain. This pain could be from a loose restoration, tooth pressure or mouth injury. No matter why you experience discomfort, you may feel desperate to relieve it.

Knowing where to get urgent care might prevent you from suffering more pain and damage until you find help. In these instances, emergency dentists are your best bet for dental care. If your urgent issue can wait until normal business hours, our dentists at Dentists’ Office of The Hudson Valley can provide the quick help you need.

Where Can People Find Emergency Dentists in Lake Katrine?

Whether you need emergency treatment now or want to be prepared just in case, you might search for, “emergency dental care near me.” You can depend on our office to meet your needs. We can perform extensive procedures in urgent situations during our normal operating hours. We don’t believe that you should continue to suffer when an urgent problem arises. As a matter of fact, complications could develop if you wait for the issue to go away on its own. For instance, the issue could worsen to the point that you need to go to the emergency room.

We aim to do as much as possible to diagnose and treat emergency dental issues when you walk into our office that same day. If it’s not possible, we’ll set up an urgent dental care appointment to relieve your suffering as soon as we can. During your visit, we’ll be able to identify the problem, diminish your immediate pain and let you know if you’ll need more treatment to avoid recurring problems. Contact the emergency dentists before you arrive, and we’ll do our best to fit you in.

Which Dental Services Are Considered Emergencies?

Emergency dental services are those that immediately relieve tooth pain and repair structural damage. Also, emergency dental care addresses other issues that might cause permanent damage if you ignore them. Local emergency dentists can treat incidental injuries and give you a temporary fix until you get something more permanent. Some of the problems that we treat during business hours at our office include:

  • Wisdom teeth pain and swelling
  • Teeth injuries and decay
  • Teeth infections
  • Braces problems, such as displaced wires, pain and broken brackets
  • Severe toothaches
  • Fractured teeth
  • Loose or missing dental crowns and fillings

When Are Urgent Dental Procedures Necessary from an Emergency Dental Office?

You might ignore pain in the gums and around a tooth as an issue that you can eventually deal with. However, waiting to get treatment raises your risk for complications. Instead, it’s important to get emergency dental care. If you don’t already have one, you can look for an, “emergency dental office near me.” Check out these symptoms and conditions for which you should visit emergency dentists.

Broken and Cracked Teeth

Broken and cracked teeth are susceptible to infection and can suffer serious structural damage very easily. While dental wax can prevent the jagged edges from cutting your cheeks and tongue, you should visit our office as soon as possible for treatment.

Knocked-out Teeth

When you have knocked-out teeth, rinse with warm water and gently place them into their sockets while holding them from the crowns. Collect all of the fragments so that we can replant your teeth at our office.

Severe Tooth Pressure and Toothaches

Severe tooth pressure and toothaches can indicate that you have a serious condition. Don’t hesitate to get treatment, particularly if you experience an earache and fever too.

Sensitive Teeth

You may not need urgent treatment for sensitive teeth, but you could unknowingly have fractures or infections. Come to our office if the sensitivity develops out of nowhere.

Decaying Teeth

Decaying teeth are known to cause severe toothaches because the roots are exposed to bacteria and food debris. We can recommend the best solution to relieve pain and eliminate cavities.

Teeth Infections

Teeth infections or abscesses usually develop from unaddressed gum disease, trauma and decay. They can cause gum sores, fever, severe pain, tooth sensitivity and swollen glands. Emergency treatment is crucial to prevent more severe complications.

Dislodged and Lost Fillings

Dislodged and lost fillings often cause tooth sensitivity and pain. Schedule a visit at our office so that we can prevent further tooth damage and decay.

Broken or Missing Crowns

Broken or missing crowns cause more than cosmetic problems because they make your teeth susceptible to damage. Urgent treatment can repair them so that your teeth are protected.

Orthodontic Injuries and Pain

It’s common for braces to cause injuries and pain, especially metal braces. We can relieve orthodontic injuries and pain and rebalance the braces to inhibit future issues.

Worn-out Enamel

Grinding your teeth significantly wears down your tooth enamel over time. Our dentists can improve the condition of worn-out enamel and create night guards to hinder teeth grinding overnight.

Ongoing Sinus Pressure

When you have ongoing sinus pressure with tooth pain, you need to rule out dental problems, such as impacted wisdom teeth and infections. Get a diagnosis from our dentists.

How Should People Deal With More Serious Situations?

Before you seek an, “emergency dental office near me,” determine if you need more immediate and extensive treatment than an emergency dental office provides. Rather than visiting emergency dentists in Lake Katrine, visiting an oral surgeon or emergency room for emergency dental care might be better. Calling 911 is warranted in situations such as:

  • Serious facial or gum swelling.
  • Severe, persistent bleeding.
  • Sudden head or mouth injuries.

How Much Does Urgent Dental Treatment from Emergency Dentists Cost?

The cost of emergency dental services fluctuates because there are many factors to consider, including how severe your problem is, how many steps it takes to resolve it and who performs the treatment. For that reason, your cost for a dental emergency depends on your needs.

If you have dental insurance, you won’t have to spend as much out of pocket for emergency dental care. Otherwise, you can purchase the DentRite® discount dental plan, which offers simple pricing and flat fees for low-cost care. For instance, you can get 20% to 70% off X-rays, regular checkups, teeth cleanings, and several restorative and cosmetic services. Call our dentist office for more information.

Can I Find Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

Affordable emergency dental care emergency dentists is closer than you think. At Dentists’ Office of The Hudson Valley, to help our patients deal with dental emergencies, we accept DentRite® and almost all major insurance plans. Also, you can pay for your urgent dental care with a major credit card or one of our financing options. Contact or visit us during regular business hours for an exam. Emergency dentists in Lake Katrine are ready to help you start feeling better fast.

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